Best Tools for DIY Airstream Renovations

Tools for DIY Airstream Renovation

Starting your own Airstream renovation but not sure what tools you need?  Founder/Builder, Nate and his son, Teo share their recommendations for the best woodworking, metalworking, plumbing, and electrical tools to have in your DIY renovation toolkit along with tips and techniques to help you achieve the best results.  Grinders (0:39) When it comes to…

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Santa Barbara Magazine

Innovative Spaces is proud to announce that we are featured in Santa Barbara Magazine’s Home + Garden issue. Santa Barbara Magazine celebrates Santa Barbara’s rich and colorful lifestyle with award-winning editorial on Santa Barbara people, homes and gardens, architecture, food and wine, history, arts, escapes and more. Innovative Spaces is putting the functionality and beauty…

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Lawyer on wheels

Innovative Spaces

The silver chrome shell glints in the sunlight as the aerodynamic shape of this 1978 Airstream overshadows all the other vehicles in the parking lot. Upon entering, the oval skylights and interior design provide an open, relaxing, and casual feel. If it weren’t for the stark blue stenciling of a logo on the exterior of…

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