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Introductory Calls

Let's discuss your project and get you some answers. This is the start of the Discovery Phase.

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions, it may just have the information you need.

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2. Discovery Phase

As the top builder in the industry, we would love to build your next custom vehicle. But first we need to make sure that we are the right builder for you and your project. During our first calls we will introduce you to our process and hear a little more about your project. You can expect to walk away from those phone calls with a good understanding of what your project might cost and what you might expect by working with us.  If after those calls you would like to proceed to the next step of getting a more solid bid and getting your project going, you will connect with our owner Nate and some members of our design team to start the design discovery. We will discuss your vision for the space, and how you intend to use the vehicle, your needs vs. wants, and your anticipated timeline and budget expectations. We will then go deeper into our process and our vision for how we might build your project. Based on these discussion we will provide you with a potential budget and delivery date for your project and any information you might need in order to decide if you’ll build with us.

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3. Design Phase

If you’ve made it to the Design Phase then it means that you’ve decided that we are the right builders for your project. Now it’s go time! If you don’t yet own the vehicle we can connect you to folks that might be able to help source one for you. Once the unit is purchased and at our facility, we move forward with the Design-Build Contract.

Now comes the fun part. Our design team works with you to begin the design process, while our build team begins the demo process to gut the unit (if needed) to get accurate measurements. Demo can take a few days, and the general design process can take between 3-4 weeks up to a few months. The length of the design phase is contingent on how quickly we can make decisions together on the design and finalize everything in order to be create your build estimate.

Here’s a breakdown of that process:

We require a $15k Retainer Fee at the beginning of design which we bill at $180/hour. This fee is for the design work and design project management throughout the whole process. Any remainder will be applied to final payment of the build cost or the remainder is returned if you choose not to move forward with the build. Deliverables that are mandatory are construction documents, and an accurate build estimate based on the scope of work extracted from the design phase.

Here is an idea of what goes down in the design phase.
• We model the unit in the 3D
• Begin the collaborative designing phase and start blocking out areas.
• Compile the spec sheets and products needed for your unit.
• 3D model the products needed for the unit for accurate measurements.
• Finalize a layout
• via pinterest boards or invision boards, discuss aesthetics and design language.
• Finalize materiality, finishes, paint colors
• Fine-tune 3D model as needed for renderings (not all clients do this as construction drawings suffice)
• Finally, generate the build estimate and construction drawings
• There is a lot of back and forth on the progression of the drawings working out the details so you are always in the loop, and decisions are only made with your approval.

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4. Build Phase

The build process can vary in regards to the time frame. Really it depends on the scope of work and how many other projects are being worked on at that time.  Sometimes we can get a project finished between 6-8 months, but more challenging projects with very custom features can take 12 months +. 

Here’s a general breakdown of the build process. Once we complete the design phase and generate the estimate, you will see more details. It’s important to know that many of these tasks happen in phases that correlate to the billing schedule. The billing schedule happens in 2 phases typically and the total build cost estimate would be 90% for the Phase 1, and Phase 2, then 10% upon completion.  This ensures there are enough funds to keep the project moving. In between all this, we update our clients weekly with photos, videos, and have continued design meetings/approvals during the build and multiple site visits. (Please note that the billing schedule has some flexibility and can be something like 70% / 20% / 10% which will be determined once the final build estimate is completed))

Build Process:


  1. Raw materials and components purchased throughout build
  2. Shell-off separation if needed
  3. Chassis restoration if needed
  4. Shell repairs or modifications as needed
  5. rough plumbing/electrical
  6. new subfloor
  7. interior skin spray foam insulation
  8. interior skin metal fabrication
  9. floor plan layout
  10. cabinetry build
  11. flooring installation


  • Paint/stain etc
  • finish electrical/plumbing/HVAC 
  • finish hardware, fixtures, and appliance installation
  • Exterior paint/polish
  • substantial completion


  • punch list/client walkthrough
  • 3rd party inspection by RVIA/RV certified tech. (available upon request)
  • completion
  • photoshoot/documentation

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5. Living the Dream

Once construction is complete, it's time for the delivery and walk-through. We'll familiarize you with all the bells and whistles of your newly renovated vehicle, as well as all the systems and how everything works and functions inside and out. We guarantee & warranty our work, so you'll be free to enjoy and live the dream, knowing that we are here if anything goes wrong. We also offer vehicle storage & maintenance plans to support all of your adventures.