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Innovative Spaces is a custom mobile space design/builder with decades of hands-on experience in the art of Airstream renovations and campervan builds. We are deeply rooted in the vintage trailer renovations and our team of renovators has over a hundred years of combined experience in the building trades. We believe that quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

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Here at Innovative Spaces, we specialize in making the most out of your small space. We take your vintage trailer, cargo van, or mobile home and re-image it with beauty and functionality. Our specialty is taking the charm of the past and reinterpreting it to provide you with years of enjoyment and travel to come.

At Innovative Spaces, we start from the ground up and do not skimp on the details! We handle the chassis and axles to the important finishing touches. This allows us to offer YOU one of the longest warranties in the industry.

Whatever your space needs we provide, as we measure success by the quality of our builds and the total satisfaction of our customers.

We maintain full transparency throughout the build process with status updates. You will always have a complete understanding of what your trailer costs. Too often in this industry, projects run thousands of dollars over budget. HOWEVER, not at Innovative Spaces, as all of our projects are based on a fixed price quote.

No one knows trailer renovations like we do. The Innovative Spaces team has rebuilt numerous vintage trailers, so we know the typical pitfalls of restoration. More importantly, we know how to mitigate those issues. We control the number of units we work on in order to ensure each customer’s project needs are met.

Innovative Spaces’ business is based on referrals from our satisfied customers and want to earn a referral from YOU too. The Team would be happy to provide you with more information. Just fill out the contact form and we will give you a ring.

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A note from our owner

First and foremost I am a family man. My life has been blessed with 3 beautiful children, 7 year old Sophia, 22 year old Sierra and 26 year old Teo. And, the most recent addition is my 8 month old granddaughter Athena. When not at work I am enjoying experiencing life through the eyes of my children and grandchild. They are truly an inspiration to me. This has led me to love what I do in the way traveling brings families together and has allowed me to use my skills to help facilitate those family connections. From an early age, I became involved in the trades from building furniture to eventually building entire homes. My work has taken me through a myriad of crafts which have constantly been stretched to new limits in the small spaces and vintage trailer world. In building your dream trailer, I could be welding aluminum frames in the morning, building cabinets in the afternoon, running electrical, setting tile or a hundred other specialized tasks that go into the renovation process that we do here. I love this type of work because unlike typical home building; trailers and small spaces alternatively provide me with the opportunity to bend the rules of design and assist in the rethinking of traditional processes used in regular building. I love to be faced with challenges that allow me to draw on all the skills that I’ve developed over my lifetime. The trailers I work on at Innovative Spaces give me the opportunity to stretch all that I’ve learned and acquired through my years of experiences to their full potential. I don’t just use my previous building skills; I am also able to exercise my creative skills to produce something truly unique and functional. I like to think that every project that leaves our yard represents not just our ingenuity and years of craftsmanship but I believe that a piece of me goes out with each project as well. We are only as good as what we build. Our success can be measured in the reactions we get from our clients. " - Nate Stover (Owner, Innovative Spaces)

"Worked with us on our budget and we couldn’t be happier.."
"Nate and team have that unique combination of craftsmanship, integrity, and professional approach to their work."
"Client-focused, with a strong commitment to quality craftsmanship."

The perfect build,

How can we say that? Well, that's simple. We are people pleasers, we work tirelessly to make sure that you get the build you hired us to complete, and we love doing that! So give us a call and let's get your projects going.

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