1978 Trade Wind 25′

Client: Dudley and Chris of The Shop, a Santa Barbara Eatery.
Vessel: 1978 Trade Wind 25′
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Purpose: New food service Airstream with a truncated back

Design Highlights:

To maximize access, Innovative Spaces removed the back third off the Airstream and created an outdoor cooking and service bar area. This feature is a powerful attention-getter.

The 3-sided solid tail section features a bar top of refinished reclaimed wood that adds an additional 1-1/2’ to the Airstream’s overall length. Beverages and snacks are delivered from an inside food prep and storage area to patrons who can either stand or sit on bar stools.

Innovative Spaces installed vinyl flooring, cleanable countertop surfaces, and stainless steel equipment inside the prep area that meets Health Department standards and codes. In addition we added a roof-mounted air conditioner, a hood vent fan, and home-style hot water heater. Making this Airstream a fully functioning kitchen.


  • Exterior tail section is completely weatherproof.
  • A new reinforced and insulated wall was constructed with an access door.
  • Both the wall and door are covered with reclaimed wood planks mounted horizontally.
  • Rainwater drains through the recycled wood Trex-like plank flooring onto the ground below, or into a water catchment tank, if preferred.
  • Several 110v outlets provide ample plug-ins for smaller appliances, such as blenders and food processors.
People selling Wine and food in the Airstream Curby

Why so few photos? Innovative Spaces was founded in 2015 when our owner Nate Stover, who was then the head builder for Hofmann Architecture, took over the facility, tools and construction team from Hofmann to continue to grow the business. As such, we don't have as many photos as we'd like of this Airstream, but the timelessness of this project lives on and is a great example of what you might expect from us.

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