1984 Airstream Motorhome 345

Mid-century Modern with a ‘Googie’ twist!  This Airstream was built in 1984 and has an interior that is a mix of mid-century modernelements (e.g. couch, swivel chair, tambour doors) and 80s design (walnut cabinets,shower/bathroom/main room wallpaper/clock).As part of the interior upgrade, the client wanted a more pure mid-century design,characterized by clean lines, no clutter, and the use of pure materials (wood, aluminum). And the special request to complement this design with a twist of ‘Googie Architecture’ for certain details. Googiearchitecture (also known as theWW2 American Futurism movement) is part of the broader mid-century modern architecture style, was popular in the 50s and 60s and is characterized by space-age designs symbolic of movement, such as boomerangs, flying saucers, atoms, parabolas, etc. It reflected post-war American optimism and signaled the beginning of a new era, that of automobiles, space exploration, nuclear power, and rocket ships, as also exemplified in The Jetsons cartoons. We loved the idea and are ecstatic with the end product. As is the client. 

The Side View of a Trailer in White Color

Exterior Amenities

  • Custom 3-color paint job
  • Two Dometic Air-Conditioners for great climate control
  • Updated and upgraded windows 
  • Refurbished gear access doors
  • City Water Connection
  • Black and Grey Water Connection
  • Re-finished door
  • Upgraded LED running lights and tail lights
  • Exterior Backup Camera Monitor
  • Engine and transmission upgrades (done by outside shop)

Interior Amenities

Hidden and not seen is the Home automation system the client developed in conjunction with his many startup companies that he is the Board of Directors on.

●All electrical components can be monitored, controlled all from his phone remotely as well as on one control panel inside the trailer.

●Robust Solar system

●Alde heating system

●Starlink and multiple carrier 5G cards

●Projection screen and samsung projector.

●Wireless and battery operated remote controllable roller blinds.

●Bookmatch Walnut cabinets doors

●Chrome, polished finishes on HansGrohe fixtures

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