2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van 21′ – Faith

Client: Clearly Kombucha Vessel: 2014 Mercedes Sprinter 21’ Location: Remote Purpose: Take their product on the road Amenities:
  • Hickory hardwood floors
  • Light blue Corian finished countertops
  • Polished aluminum interior panelling
  • Easy-up-and-down tabletops
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Energy efficiency
  • Integrated onboard smart battery system
  • Surround sound stereo system
  • Rear view mirror back-up camera


The client, Clearly Kombucha, produces a healthy and delicious drink that is low in calories and is filled with antioxidants and probiotics. We couldn’t think of a better way to spread the word of Clearly Kombucha than by going mobile! Innovative Spaces embraces the on-the-go concept whether it’s a comfortable home inside an Airstream or a mobile business inside of a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van. This was a great project for us to spread our wings and showcase our versatility. A goal for us was to enable our clients to take their product on the road while displaying it in a modern, classy, simple and fun format. To keep the beverages cool, Innovative Spaces installed three commercial refrigerators from True Manufacturing. A reinforced safety wall was built to separate the driver’s cabin from the rear promotional and storage space in the back. Innovative Spaces is an Airstream renovation company based in Santa Barbara, CA. We take your vintage trailers and give them new life.