1961 Airstream Safari 22′

Client: Vancouver, Canada-based clothier Kit and Ace
Vessel: 1961 Safari 22’
Location: Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, CA
Purpose: Mobile display showroom for Kit and Ace’s new luxury clothing brand

Design Highlights: The Airstream needed to mirror the aesthetic of a Kit and Ace shop, which features a distinctive copper exterior, ash hardwood flooring and white boxes to display product along one wall. The final touch is a neon sign declaring, “Time is Precious,” installed overhead.

About Kit and Ace

The contemporary leisure apparel clothier, Kit and Ace, is taking luxury on the road with the Copper Studio. Kit and Ace is an innovative company that designs and develops contemporary leisure apparel, accessories and lifestyle products for men and women. Founded by Shannon and JJ Wilson, Kit and Ace was created to fill a void in the luxury apparel industry. With a shared background in technical apparel, Shannon and JJ have created a product that offers functionality without sacrificing style and richness.

Shannon’s institutional knowledge and experience in product design teamed with JJ’s insights into fashion and retail have culminated into the vision that is Kit and Ace. Their plan is to deliver alluring products that provide comfort and ease of use to the wearer, while still offering the style and quality of the luxury brands they love.


  • Gull wing service window:  the front side of the trailer features a public service window, similar to a food truck, shaded by the pop-out aluminum awning, supported by gas struts.
  • Windowless:  all existing windows removed and patch with new aluminum skins.
  • Glossy copper exterior:  Kit and Ace shops feature copper accents in a specific tone, so naturally the exterior needed a brilliant identity to match.
  • Lighting:  overhead LED track lighting, and custom neon sign, “Time is Precious”
  • Pop-up changing rooms:  click-n-deploy exterior marine-style cleats to instantly create three privacy booths along the backside, with removable mirrors and light fixtures inside each dressing room.
  • Exterior displays:  quick-connect cleats for fastening aluminum bars at each end that extend outwards for clothing display.
  • Countertop:  removable counter that swings into place for a service counter.
  • Cool change:  air conditioning and heat sources, with insulated floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Banquet seating:  ample areas for seating and storage underneath, cushions wrapped with durable grey Sunbrella fabric.
  • Refrigerator
Brand new Kit and Ace Boutique opened in Airstream

Why so few photos? Innovative Spaces was founded in 2015 when our owner Nate Stover, who was then the head builder for Hofmann Architecture, took over the facility, tools and construction team from Hofmann to continue to grow the business. As such, we don't have as many photos as we'd like of this Airstream, but the timelessness of this project lives on and is a great example of what you might expect from us.

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