1968 Airstream Ambassador 28′

Client: Event Company
Vessel: 1961 Airstream Ambassador 28’
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: This is a trailer you can have at a private event. This was built to be a mobile bar for weddings and events.

Design Highlights: Vintage rebirth to a modern application. This full renovation was completely rebuilt from the ground up. The automated Bi-fold gullwing door is perfect for event as a mobile bar or an open air seating area with a small bar inside.

Why so few photos? Innovative Spaces was founded in 2015 when our owner Nate Stover, who was then the head builder for Hofmann Architecture, took over the facility, tools and construction team from Hofmann to continue to grow the business. As such, we don't have as many photos as we'd like of this Airstream, but the timelessness of this project lives on and is a great example of what you might expect from us.

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